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Welcome to Stockton Banking Rates, your source for the best rate information in the city. Our relationships with Stockton banks and credit unions allow us to bring you the best auto, mortgage rates as well as up-to-date deposit rates. Use our rates comparison tools to start saving today.

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There’s absolutely no charge for accessing Stockton Banking Rates. We created our website to help you and other finance-minded consumers with one goal in mind — saving money. And our rates comparison tool is easy to use and requires no special subscription or membership fees.

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Many other rates websites lack the local touch of Stockton Banking Rates and will direct a consumer in Central California to a credit union inconveniently located across the country. Not so at Stockton Banking Rates — our partnered banks and credit unions are all located in the San Joaquin County area. Not only is their service localized and personalized, but the right financial institution for you could be located just down the street, providing you more accessibility to service, not to mention your investments.

A Look at Some Stockton Banking Rates

Our site is like a one-stop directory of several kinds of banking products popular with consumers today. Some of our most clicked-on categories include mortgage rates, CD accounts, auto loans and more:

Stockton Mortgage Rates: Are you looking to buy a home in Stockton, but don’t know what kind of interest rate you’ll obtain based on your credit score and history? Find out from a Stockton bank or credit union listed on our site.

Auto Loan Rates in Stockton: Picking the automobile that suits your lifestyle and needs is difficult enough — finding a good interest rate to finance one can be even harder. Instead of hunting high and low for these, connect with a local lender via our website; it’ll save you time in your search, and most of all, money in your pocket.

Stockton CD Accounts: Low risks and high yields are the winning combo for certificates of deposit. They carry higher interest rates than most other savings products and are perfect for that upcoming vacation, or just as a jump start on your retirement fund. There’s a Stockton credit union or bank carrying a CD offer at the term you want, from 6 months to 5 years.

High-Yield Savings Accounts in Stockton: What can be better than “money in the bank”? A Stockton savings account lets you earn interest just for making a deposit. An account with a local banking institution guarantees that your future is financially buffered, without the restrictions of other savings packages.

Stockton Free Checking: Checking accounts aren’t just for paying bills. Sign up for an interest-bearing version through a Stockton credit union and save money while having the freedom to write checks and make debit purchases without being penalized for withdrawals.

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What are the benefits to banking locally in Stockton? Looking for the highest CD rates, or the lowest auto loan rates? Get the answers to these questions and more by perusing the Stockton Banking Rates website. We update our site frequently with exclusive interviews featuring local financial experts, as well as other personal finance resources. Check back soon and keep your finances in check!

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Banks and Credit Unions In Stockton And Surrounding Areas

  • Central State Credit Union

    919 North Center Street
    Stockton, CA 95202
  • Financial Center Credit Union California

    18 South Center Street
    Stockton, CA 95202
  • Bank of Stockton

    301 East Miner Avenue
    Stockton, CA 95202
  • Wells Fargo

    303 North El Dorado Street
    Stockton, CA 95202
  • Operating Engineers Local Union #3 Credit Union

    1916 N Broadway Ave
    Stockton, CA 95205
  • Eagle Credit Union

    P.O. Box 8266
    Stockton, CA 95208
  • Premier Community Credit Union

    P.O. Box 8929
    Stockton, CA 95208
  • Bank of Stockton

    4515 Quail Lakes Drive
    Stockton, CA 95207